Booking Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between Janice & David Grant (“The Owners”) and the guest booking the holiday (“The Guest”).
1) No tenancy is created with this booking.

2) If the Guest is not registered at HM Land Registry or on the public electoral register, then identification documents will be required before keys are handed over.

3) Where the guest is not registered at HM Land Registry, then a deposit may be required.

4) In accordance with The Immigration (Hotel Records) Order 1972, the full names and nationalities of any individuals, over the age of 16 are required and, in the case of non British or Commonwealth citizens, their passport number, place of issue and destination after leaving our premises will also be required.

5) The Guest is responsible for any loss or damage caused to the property or its contents.

6) A non-refundable booking deposit (“The Deposit”) of 1/3rd of the rental cost is payable at the time of booking.

7) The interim payment (“The Interim Payment”) of the holiday cost amounting to 1/3rd of the total cost is payable at least four months before the start of the holiday.

8) The balance (“The Balance”) of the holiday cost is payable at least two months before the start date of the holiday’

9) If the Guest or his or her wife or husband or civil partner, or one or more of his or her children, or one or more of his or her parents die shortly before the holiday is taken, and the holiday is cancelled, then “The Balance” and “The Interim Payment” of the holiday cost will be refunded in full unless such an occurrence is notified to us within two months and more than one month of the holiday start date, in which case 50% of the total of the Balance and Interim Payment is refundable. In the case of us being notified within one month of the holiday start date, then no payment will be refundable.

10) In the event of a cancellation for any reason, the Owners will attempt to relet the property and will reimburse the Guest who cancelled with any amounts received from the new guest or agent less any commission payable to the agent, and if this amount is sufficient to repay the Deposit in whole, or part, in addition to the Interim Payment or the Balance, then that too will be repaid to the guest..

11) In the event that the Government prevents holidays being taken, the total amount paid will be refunded notwithstanding any of the foregoing.

12) If the guest fails to vacate the premises including removing all their possessions at the end of their holiday, for whatever reason, including illness or order of the Government, they will be liable to pay the Owners for the extra weeks taken, where part of a week is charged at a full week. The guest may also be liable for the costs and expenses of subsequent guests who have not been able to take their holiday as a result.

13) This agreement shall be determined according to the laws of England.

Janice Grant
David Grant
22 Alba Gardens
Golders Green
London NW11 9NR